The Art of Perception – Dress to Perfection and be seen as Such

What you wear has a huge effect on how other people perceive you. It’s never nice to think that everyone is going to judge you, but they do and they always will, it’s just how we’re wired. The question is though; what can you do to alter their perceptions and sway them in your favour? It’s time for you take a good look at yourself in the mirror to determine what is working for you and what is not. (Trust me, the Crocs and socks aren’t doing you any favours!)

It’s important to understand that we are all different; every man is unique, so avoid following every single fashion trend blindly and learn to fend for yourself. If you truly want people to think of you as being a refined, professional & tastefully charismatic chap, then you’ll need to know how to dress like one.

The universe is governed by a very strict set of rules; your wardrobe should be treated as such if you want those favourable glances to gravitate towards you.

What does your dress sense say about you?

In the Workplace

If you’re anything like me, that old saying ‘Dress for the job you want and not the one you have’ doesn’t really apply, as my dream job would be to sit around at home naked, eating all day – but for those of you with a little more aspiration, understand that there is no place on earth where your clothes will be scrutinised more than in the workplace.

And if you can’t think of anybody in your office with a terrible dress sense then I’m sorry to say this, but it’s likely you – though don’t stress yourself! You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to transform your style into something to be desired.

It’s been proven in a wealth of studies that people recognise men in tailored suits as being more confident, authoritative and influential than those in off-the-rack threads. It’s not the end of the world though, because all men look good in off-the-rack suits – but why settle for good when you can look your best?

  • The Doer: The doer always shows up dressed to the nine’s in a crisp suit, no matter what the occasion. He will adorn perfectly polished shoes and minimalistic, yet irrefutably charming ties. He will opt for bold coloured shirts, while boasting subtle suit patterns. People tend to view this man as being responsible, mature and ambitious. Sound familiar?
  • The Innovator: The innovator is never too shy to dress his suits up with handsome pocket squares, ties and cufflinks. His associates view him as being outgoing, individualistic and intriguing. Are you the creative risk-taker type?
  • The Sagacious: The sagacious type always dresses well, though pays particular attention to keeping his wardrobe varied in order to change up his suit choice to fit every occasion. People view this man as having good-judgement, being financially well-off and invariably charismatic.

In the Social Setting

Dating is complicated enough as it is without having to worry about how your dress-sense is going to be judged, but if you understand your target demographic well enough, you’ll know that your wardrobe will be the first thing that they analyse, not your sense of humour.

First of all, colours and patterns matter.  The more bold and adventurous that your patterns are, the more that women will see you as being  open minded and understanding – However, that’s not an open invitation for you to turn up to every date wearing your favourite checked, race-red pants. There’s a time and a place (like in the comfort of your own home, alone) It’s paramount that you recognise the fine-line between dressing classy and being waaaaay over the top. Experiment and play around with a variety of patterns and colours until you find a mix that fits your personality best and evokes the desired response.

And you may be thinking; ‘why should I have to dress to perfection? I want a woman who wants me for who I am’, and I wholeheartedly understand the frustration, particularly if you are the outgoing, creative and confident type who isn’t particularly fussed about what they wear – but if you want people to see you for what you really are; again, you’ll have to dress accordingly. It demonstrates that you have adequate social skills and that you take pride in your appearance. It doesn’t make you appear vain or ‘up your own’, it boasts self-respect; a most rare and valuable commodity (one that is highly desired by the fairer sex)

Who do you want to be?

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