Off the Rack VS Tailor-Made – Actualise Your Individuality

Have you ever wondered how on earth James Bond pulls it off? And I don’t mean his capacity for seducing beautiful women; I’m talking about how he can effortlessly somersault his way through a cacophony of danger whilst beating down bad guys by the dozen without even a glimmer of discomfort, in a suit and tie. – Well, I can tell you this for certain; he definitely doesn’t pick his threads off the rack!

Why do men wear suits? We wear them to make a statement, to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate a level of class and respectability, no matter what the occasion – and there’s always an occasion! From weddings, balls, parties and exhibitions, men will always find an excuse to dapper up and look their best, so why not pull out all of the stops?

Of course there will be the odd occasion in your life when an unexpected event presents itself and you have little time to spare, so an off-the-rack suit will have to suffice. But why dress up in an average, generic suit if you can avoid it?

You may believe that a suit is just a suit and that it makes no odds whether the fit is perfect or not, but there’s no denying this: anyone can clearly see the difference between a man dressed in a generic, off-the-rack suit and a man trimmed in tailor made – and it’s not just the way that they fit, but the way that the men move.

“An off-the- rack suit feels good – a tailor-made suit feels incredible”.

Off-the-Rack Suits

There’s no denying the boundless variety of suits that are available to purchase off-the-rack. You can find all manner of quality threads, from budget to fancy designer labels – And that’s great if you’re in a hurry, but buying a suit is a process that should be taken seriously and with careful consideration.

The trouble is, off-the-rack suits are mass produced in a limited range of pre-defined and bitterly uncompromising sizes. These approximate fits are rarely as you want them to be and frustratingly, you generally need to put your suit through a number of alteration cycles before you can feel truly satisfied when you slip it on.

Tailor-Made Suits

A custom made suit is a different level of class. Bespoke suits are for those who want to look great and feel even better. They’re measured to fit the entirety of your unique body, from head to toe. But a tailor-made suit isn’t just about having the perfect fit; in fact, your tailor will help you customise every aspect of your threads from the fabric, pick stitching, pockets, lapel size, linings, cuffs and buttons (to name a few)

Think of tailoring as having an artist paint your portrait, as that’s exactly what tailoring is; an art form. You stand there, while your tailor carefully studies every aspect of your body, the measuring tape; their brush. And through communication, passion, professionalism and skill, the tailor will be able to guide you towards envisioning your perfect suit – one that they will make a reality for you.

Bespoke tailoring is a great way for you to play designer and purchase exactly what you want. With off-the-rack you will ultimately always have to make compromises, whereas a tailor made suit is entirely by your design.

If you’re above average, prove it.

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