4 Types of Suit Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe – What to know

4 Types of Suit Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe


While some men out there boast wardrobes with every type of suit, some out there make it by barely owning one. However, we can all agree that suits are a must-have, that it is the pinnacle of sharp, masculine aesthetics that scream professional. It is the perfect outfit a man could ever have.


With that said, there are four suits we believe every man out there should have in their wardrobe.


1. The Summer Suit


When summer comes, the last thing you want to be wearing is a suit so tightly woven that no heat escapes your body, leaving you in a state as if you were thrown into the pool. Instead, you would want to be wearing something light, airy, and loose.


Color also plays a huge role. Don’t opt for dark colors, as those not only look out of place in the summer, but the color itself will absorb plenty of heat, warming you up faster than a turkey in the oven. Choose a shade that reflects the colors of the earth, perhaps along the lines of pastel. Not only do the colors reflect the heat, but it will make you incredibly handsome.


2. The Double-Breasted Suit


When summer passes, however, climates change, and usually for the worst. In harsher conditions, especially in the cold, you wouldn’t want to get caught out with your summer suit doing nothing in terms of keeping you safe from the elements.


With that, you should be wearing a double-breasted suit instead. Not only will it keep you warm and cozy inside, but the black colors, the four-button-combo, and the peak lapels will make you look sexy.


3. The Two-Button Suit


If there is one suit every man should at least own, it is the two-button suit. It is the be-all-end-all suit perfect for just about every occasion out there. If you want the outfit to lean more on the formal side, opt for a dark-colored one, such as navy blue or black, with the same color scheme all over.


If you want the two-button suit to look professional yet casual, you can search for suits with extra pockets and contrasting buttons. Color-wise, a light-grey theme also helps with the casual look. In other words, your preference between formal and informal will depend on the color you pick, but either way, a two-button suit in almost any shade is perfect for any occasion.


4. The Dinner Suit


Formal dinners aren’t a frequent occasion, but they do happen once in a while. You might notice, too, that the older you get, the more frequent it is held. When that time comes, though, you should have a dinner suit at the ready—a black suit edged with black satin that’s sleek yet sexy, paired with a bow-tie and an elegant white shirt, ready for the occasion. Don’t fall back on the working suit that’s filled with sweat and tears.


Every man should own a suit. If budget is an issue, a two-button suit is the best way to go. Otherwise, if you have plenty of money to burn, spoil yourself a little, and purchase an outfit for every occasion. People are going to see just how sharp and handsome you look every time, and wish they had their own wardrobe filled with every suit they’ve ever wanted.


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