Wearing Suit Vests: A Gentleman’s Guide to Sporting a Modern Look

Wearing Suit Vests - A Gentlemans Guide to Sporting a Modern Look

Suit vests are typically seen as formal wear with strict and limited options for variety and creativity. They’re mostly used by corporate businessmen, usually company owners or lawyers. However, modern ways of dressing up have reinvigorated interest in the suit vest beyond the uber-formal three-piece suit. Today, more and more people are finding ways to utilize the suit vest to compliment their looks, whether professional or casual.


Reinventing the Suit Vest


Knowing how to incorporate a suit vest into your attire is a matter of understanding the parts of the piece and how best it can be highlighted in your outfit. In this article, we’ll give you the critical points in knowing how to make a suit vest look work.


1. Finding the right fit


From the top, a Suit Vest’s shoulder seams should lie flat on your body, from the neckline to your shoulder. The resulting ‘V’ from the neckline should appear narrow so that it’s not covered by your suit’s lapels.


At the bottom, with the lower front hem, you should make sure that it’s long enough to go over your trouser waistband, which will make for a perfect fit. Inspect the sides and the back of the hem as they should both be shorter than the front.


Though it might feel uncomfortable at first to wear something that isn’t uniform, it’s essential to remember that your shirt also adds an extra layer to your look. Make sure that your dress shirt doesn’t puff out underneath the hem by tucking it under the vest carefully and neatly.


2. Matching color combinations


It’s not uncommon for a man to have suits that aren’t exactly of the same color. The problem comes with knowing how to pair it properly. Suit vests are great accents to any look, whether you want to add some formality to a casual outfit or if you want to bring an already formal outfit to the next level.


Contrasting vests can drastically change a suit’s feel. For example, wearing white vests on top of darker jackets can drive attention to your tie and accessories. The same effect can work when wearing neutral tones such as beige, light grey, and navy vests.


Experimenting on color combinations both on your vests and your accents such as with your watches, cufflinks, and even eyepieces will help you curate an original and eye-catching look.


3. Dressing for the occasion


Traditionally, suit vests are commonly worn during black-tie events. These are formal occasions that require you to dress up in a strict color code. You will need to wear a suit with lapels and matching fabric to follow the event’s uniformity.


In the case of business settings, you need to be conscious of what color combinations you’re permitted to wear. Especially if you’re heading to a job interview, sometimes different isn’t always the best option. But on other occasions, being eye-catching might be your advantage as a leading candidate.


For a more casual event, such as a friend’s wedding or an award ceremony, you’d often have the opportunity to do more with your look by mixing and matching your attire. Though choosing to wear a suit vest is traditionally paired with the same colored slacks, modern trendsetters are more than open to making the rigid and formal look to a more fun and engaging outfit.




Though it’s essential to observe the traditional rules of wearing a suit vest, it’s also important to discover your own sense of creativity and playfulness when sporting the vest. Instead of feeling limited with what you have, you should experiment and find new ways to create different looks.


Ordering custom-fit clothing, whether it’s custom suits or shirts, gives you the comfort and uniqueness of wearing something that’s specially made for you.


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