The 5 Common Questions Asked About Suit Cleaning Answered


After spending so much time and money creating the perfect suit, the last thing you want to deal with is having a wrinkly and dirty suit when you need it most. Even when untouched, your suit is bound to acquire wrinkles, dust, and lint. So how do you keep it clean? You might be tempted to just dump it in your washing machine, but this is a surefire way to ruin a perfectly good suit.


When it comes to suit cleaning, people have a ton of questions on what exactly is the right way to go about it. As one of the top tailors in Bangkok, we are here to answer the five most common questions asked about suit cleaning:


1. Can I wash my suit in the washing machine?


Washing machine or not, your suit cannot be washed. This is because your suit is made with different fabric layers, and washing it will just ruin it.


However, what you might be able to wash in the machine would be your pants, but that still depends on the material it is made from. For example, if it is a mix of wool and other materials, then generally you wash it in the machine, or even hand wash it. However, if it’s 100% wool, dry-cleaning would be the best option.


2. How do I clean my suit if I cannot wash it?


The only way you can clean your suit while keeping it intact is with dry-cleaning. However, to ensure you do not have to dry clean your suit that often, keep it inside a bag and hang it when not in use.


For daily maintenance, however, brushing it with a soft brush will do. For any stains you find on the suit, simply dampen a towel and gently scrub the stain away.


3. What should I do if I cannot dry clean my pants?


If you cannot dry clean for any reason, washing your pants by hand is still an option. If you can’t wash your pants by hand either, then you can place the pants in a washing bag and place it in the washing machine in its gentlest mode. Also, do not forget to only use cold water, as warm water will ruin the material.


4. How do I dry my pants?


When drying your pants, flat-dry it. Simply lay the pants on a flat surface and let it dry naturally. Speeding up the process using a dryer is not going to help. In fact, drying it in the dryer will only cause the fibers to break down, resulting in damaged pants.


5. How do I address the wrinkles on my suit and pants?


While you can use an iron to address the wrinkles on both the pants and suit, be careful. Do not ever use high heat, as this will only damage the fabric. Because of this, keep your iron on low heat, and use the steamer option if your iron has one. That way, the wrinkles will be ironed out without damaging your suit. If you are afraid that you will damage your suit, consider sending your suit to a top tailor in Bangkok for them to help you out.




Put simply, when it comes to washing your suit or pants, the best way to do so is with dry cleaning. For daily maintenance, gently brushing dirt and other particles away and rubbing off stains should do the trick nicely. To top it all off, an excellent way to ensure your suit stays clean is to store it properly. Place it in a canvas bag after it’s been thoroughly cleaned, otherwise, you might be greeted with mold the next time you put your suit on! If you don’t have the time or need help with your suit cleaning, get in touch with a bespoke tailor in Bangkok to help you.


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