Our Guide to Tuxedos: 4 Tips to Add a Twist to Your Tuxedos

4 Tips to Add a Twist to Your Tuxedos

There are no rules when it comes to modern menswear. The only rule you must follow is to show off uniquely! You know you've done it right when you're stealing attention left and right. Even the world of suits has gone through this trend where people mix and match materials, colors, textures, and styles to create a unique blend that not only looks fantastic but maintains that timeless looks suits are well known to have.


That said, tuxedos didn't get quite the same treatment. There is something about it that makes it a "one style," meaning that you can't do anything unique about them. Well, that was what most people thought, until now. In this article, we'll tell you exactly how you can add your twist to tuxedos.


1. Make Sure It Fits


Whatever you do with the tux, make sure that it fits your body perfectly.


The only way you're going to pull off that sharp, sleek tuxedo look that perfectly defines you and shows off in the best light your body shape is to have it custom made. Off-the-rack tuxedoes have their place in the market, but nowhere on your body! Plus, you can fully customize your tux at the tailor, meaning that you can wear something that you'll be fully proud of and one-of-a-kind.


2. Make It Unique


When you wear your clothes, you wear them according to the season. The same can be applied to your tux.


If you're going to the races in the summer, why not swap out the formal t-shirt for something a little more casual and colorful? Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you're keeping to the wonderful summer theme.


Do you want to wear a tux to an outdoor party? Put on a jacket that goes with the theme of the event. You can mix and match all you want to fit the theme. The most crucial aspect you must remember is that it needs to make sense and, more importantly, look fantastic.


3. Mix Up the Color


Traditionally, tuxedos were black. However, if you've noticed, especially from award shows, the tuxedos people are wearing are not all black. Now, you can see colors pretty much covering the spectrum. From orange to green, you'll find them all.


What does this mean for you? Well, when you adorn your body with the most elegant tuxedo, you don't have to be stuck with black anymore. You can switch up, using bright, bold colors to show off to the world. If you still want to stick true to the classic tuxedo look, you can again play around with a myriad of darker tones.


4. Wear It to More Events


While tuxedos were meant for extraordinary occasions like weddings, you don't have to keep it a once-in-a-year type of wear. Stop your tuxedo from collecting dust in your wardrobe and wear it to the next slightly-less-yet-still formal occasions.


How do you do so without looking too formal? Well, put on something more casual, like a green jacket or flannel trousers. If the event is seriously casual, you can even change the t-shirt completely.




Tuxes are underutilized pieces of fashion that don't have to be worn only for super special events and occasions. Thanks to trends of formal wear appearing in a more casual form, the tux is receiving more light and recognition. If you're ever planning to step out of your house with your tux on, we hope you remembered our tips. Mix up the colors, and make sure it fits you perfectly.


If you're planning to make a tux, we highly recommend that you have it custom-tailored. Get in touch with our tailors in Bangkok today! We'll tailor tux, suits, and many more to ensure that you look sleek, stylish, and utterly mesmerizing, no matter the occasion.

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