Men’s Tailor Tips: Do I Wear a Suit or a Tux for My Wedding?

Do I Wear a Suit or a Tux for My Wedding

For men, dressing up for their wedding day
traditionally boils down to picking between two highly-fashionable options: the
suit or the tuxedo. While seemingly over-simplistic, this choice is actually
much more symbolic than most people take it for. Due to the similarities of the
occasions in which these pieces are worn, many actually confuse one for the
other, or worse, simply lump them to be one and the same.


The suit and the tux, however, are absolutely
different, and picking which of these to be tailored for your wedding day
should be taken as seriously as how your bride would pick her dress. While
choosing one or the other can be a bit of added stress, knowing the differences
between the two can help you make a decisive choice when speaking to a bespoke




As stated, suits and tuxedos are distinct from
each other; all that you require to differentiate them is to pay attention to
the details. Here are a couple of their differences to help you tell them


The Material


The easiest difference
between a tux and a suit would be the cloth materials used in the design. A tux
jacket traditionally has swaths of satin incorporated into the design. A
cursory glance to the lapels, the sides of the buttons, or the pocket trim can
easily reveal the transition of cloth materials. The outer pant legs would also
have a satin stripe running the length. This is in contrast to suits, whose
materials are traditionally the same all over.


The Accessories


Wearing one or the
other will also determine what accessories you can wear. Accessories aren’t
merely limited to watches or cufflinks—belts, ties, and vests are included too.
With tuxes, you may see options for a cummerbund, suspenders, or even a
waistcoat. Suits, on the other hand, are often seen with neckties or bowties
and high-stance vests. Current trends, however, tend to blur the lines
regarding this, so your accessorizing here will depend on your personal style.


The Footwear


Although formal black
shoes are the basic choice for both, suits allow the versatility of using
Oxfords, Derbys, Loafers, or Monk-straps—as long as the colors still match, of
course. For tuxedos, however, the formal black patent shoes are still


The Suit
or the Tux?


Now that you can differentiate the two, choosing
which to wear on your wedding day should be made slightly easier. The primary
consideration here would be to the theme of your wedding. A highly formal,
black-tie event theme, for example, would look better with people attending in
tuxes rather than suits.


Also, don’t just consider the color swaths, but
also consider the wedding time and setting. If your wedding is one that takes
place in the evening, then the tux would be considered the prime choice for
formal evening wear. Otherwise, weddings that take place mostly in the morning
and early afternoon might be best paired with a dressy suit.




At the end of the day, your outfit choice for
your wedding day all boils down to what you prefer. In this day and age, the
traditions regarding your garments can be great guidelines, but your preference
should be in what makes you and your bride ultimately happy. Whether you’re
standing at the head of the altar in a suit or a tux, the important thing is
that you’re wearing something that will make your wedding a memorable one.


Whether you’re looking for a suit or a tux,
contracting the best bespoke tailor in Bangkok is the only choice for your
wedding date. Get in touch with us now and see what the best of tailoring has
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