How to Wear 2 and 3-Button Suits – Our Guide

How to Wear 2 and 3-Button Suits

Unlike women’s wardrobe,
men’s fashion appears simple and straightforward. They don’t usually go crazy
with colors, patterns, and textures. However, men’s suits give so much
importance to details. If you look closely, you’ll see how tailors carefully
crafted and chose their button and panel styles.


Men suits often come as a
two-button and three-button suit. Fashion experts and enthusiasts still somehow
debate which one looks better. The answer is, it will always depend on who’s
wearing it.


“Button rule” is a thing in
men’s fashion. So, if you’re not familiar about it and you’re having a suit
fitting soon, then this quick guide will help you communicate well with your
Bangkok tailor:


Why leave the bottom button undone?


If you think that a fashion
genius invented this unspoken rule of buttoning suits, then you’re wrong.


It was only in the 1900s
when men started leaving their bottom button undone. At that time, King Edward
VII was extremely influential since he is popular in almost every part of the
world. One day, he struggled in wearing his suit because of his growing large
stomach, and so he decided to unfasten his suit’s bottom button. That’s when
people started copying his “fashion


Today, it remains a
standard fashion style. Not only because it is a classic fashion rule, but it
is undoubtedly more comfortable and cool to wear.


Two-button suit vs. three-button suit


For some reason, a
two-button suit is noticeably different from a three-button suit when worn.
Both of these wardrobe styles are considered classics. However, most men these
days find a three-button suit already outdated.


To understand why, here are
some significant comparisons between the two:


Why and who should wear it


If you want to show off
your shirt and tie, then the two-button suit is the best option for you. Its
two low buttons create a deep V line that can help make you look slimmer and
taller. Moreover, its long panels make it flattering to all body types.


Meanwhile, in a
three-button suit, the third additional button at the top creates a shallower V
line and shorter lapels. This style is suitable for taller men as this helps
balance out their height. It is also a good silhouette for men who have an
athletic build.


When to wear it


The two-button suit style
gives you a smart casual look, which makes it suitable for any occasion. You
can switch up the tone of your style easily by merely playing with your inner
shirt and tie. This style is incredibly versatile that you can either wear it at
business gatherings, social events, or even as your daily office wear. 


Wearing a three-button suit
can give you a smart and sophisticated look. That’s why it is ideal for formal


The “Sometimes,
Always, Never” Rule


This unspoken fashion rule
on properly wearing a men suit is still relevant today. Fashion experts and
enthusiasts believe that unfastening some buttons of your suits will make
significant changes to your look. Here is the “sometimes, always, never” rule
of buttoning men suits:


      For a two-button suit: Always fasten the top
button and never the bottom one.

      For a three-button suit: Always fasten the middle
button, the top button sometimes, and never the bottom one.


Another rule that most men
follow is to unfasten all of your suit buttons only if you’re sitting down or




Unfastening and fastening
buttons of your suit can significantly impact your look. Buttons, V lines, and
suit panels can all make you look stiff and stout or tall and slim. Moreover,
these detailed features can impact how people perceive you. If you want to
appear sophisticated, then wear a two-button suit. If you’re going for a more
formal look, then a three-button suit will help you achieve that.


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