Fashion Tips: Proven Ways Men Can Exude Power – What to Know

Fashion Tips: Proven Ways Men Can Exude Power - What to Know

No eye can resist the temptation of looking at a man who dresses to impress

and has overflowing confidence. Fashion has changed the game of power and influence since time immemorial. Look at respectable world leaders and celebrities as examples. These people never fail to show up looking prim and proper. While personality has a massive influence on charisma, a person's articles of clothing perfect the image.


Imagine the difference between a famous supermodel all glammed up for a photoshoot and her hungover self in pajamas after a long night of hardcore partying. The difference is day and night. Although physical appearance plays a massive role in how people perceive us, the way we present ourselves to people through our clothing and posture defines how they see us.


Women have always taken the spotlight in fashion. But, over recent years, men have started to adapt and are keen on making themselves look more presentable. In this article, we'll discuss several ways how men can improve their power gaming through fashion. Men can then discuss with their Bangkok tailor to make necessary adjustments.


Rock a Power Suit


Nothing beats a man in a power suit. Power suits create a picture of sophisticated grace coupled with unparalleled authority and respect. In a behavioral research study, if a man wearing a power suit jaywalks, the number of people who'll follow his example is thrice as many compared to a man wearing ordinary clothing. The research result tells one undeniable fact- a well-dressed man is a natural leader.


Power suits also help boost first impressions during professional meetings like job interviews or conferences. Pair a solid dark-colored suit with a light-colored dress shirt. Additionally, ties with a deeper, darker color complement the contrast in colors. Wear black or dark brown dress shoes to complete the look. The choice of darker shades in fashion is rooted in psychology- these colors ill make people take you seriously.


Break the Norms


Like in any other industry, the fashion industry follows a set of rules. But, these aren't final, and people have the artistic freedom to break free from the norm to create their style. This practice leads to a culturally diverse fashion world we know today.


Pro Tip: You can mix and match styles you see that go well together. One crucial result of creating your style is that you're confident about wearing it! Breaking the norms don't necessarily need outrageous changes. Also, please don't overdo it. You might be looking ridiculous instead of looking macho. Consult with a Bangkok tailor to help you with your fashion journey.


Confidence is Key!


Pulling an outfit off takes guts. The leading superpower of clothes is to give its wearer the needed confidence. The best power suit is useless to the insecure. Clothes help bring out your inner tiger so you can proudly strut along the streets with your head held high. Because of that, people's attention will be on you instead of your clothes.


Also, excellent clothing helps people relax and feel at ease. For anxious people, clothes that enable them to worry about their main problems instead of how they look are heaven-sent.


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