5 Elements of Your Suit’s Fabric to Focus on Before Tailoring – What to know

When it comes to creating your custom suit, there is one aspect to it that you’ll have to focus on. That is the fabric your custom suit is going to be made out of! What color are you going to choose? What kind of fabric material do you prefer? What pattern do you like? These… Read more »

4 Essential Considerations When Looking for the Perfect Tailor

Tailored suits are highly popular because they can enhance personality and boost one’s elegance. The best tailors will craft a suit that hugs your body well and make you look stylish. Well-stitched suit jackets and trousers will not sag or manifest bulges in various places as well. The tailor can also base your measurements on… Read more »

6 Essential Rules for a Perfectly Tailored Suit – Our guide

A great suit can transform how you look. It makes your shoulders broader and waist smaller. You also feel great because your lines look longer. To achieve such an effect, you will need to have a well-crafted suit made by a bespoke tailor. While renting a suit is a more comfortable and affordable alternative, nothing… Read more »

4 Types of Suit Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe – What to know

While some men out there boast wardrobes with every type of suit, some out there make it by barely owning one. However, we can all agree that suits are a must-have, that it is the pinnacle of sharp, masculine aesthetics that scream professional. It is the perfect outfit a man could ever have. With that… Read more »

Our Practical Guide to Men’s Suit Fabrics – What to Consider

As far as a suit is concerned, the fabric is its most essential attribute. The fabric of a suit is the very aspect that can significantly contribute to its formal look, elegance, and sophistication. The fabric isn’t just the material that makes up a suit, but it’s also a reflection of your personal style and… Read more »

Tuxedo or a Suit? How to differentiate between the two

This is a question that is more common than you’d imagine, and one that many men are too embarrassed to ask: ‘what’s the difference between a Tuxedo and a Suit?’ You likely know the visual differences between the two, though are you fully aware of the etiquette involved? Do you know exactly when it is… Read more »

The Art of Perception – Dress to Perfection and be seen as Such

What you wear has a huge effect on how other people perceive you. It’s never nice to think that everyone is going to judge you, but they do and they always will, it’s just how we’re wired. The question is though; what can you do to alter their perceptions and sway them in your favour?… Read more »

Off the Rack VS Tailor-Made – Actualise Your Individuality

Have you ever wondered how on earth James Bond pulls it off? And I don’t mean his capacity for seducing beautiful women; I’m talking about how he can effortlessly somersault his way through a cacophony of danger whilst beating down bad guys by the dozen without even a glimmer of discomfort, in a suit and… Read more »

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