3 Main Forms of Jacket Pockets – What to Choose

When wearing a jacket, suit, or sport coat, what often gets neglected are the pockets. What many fail to realize is the fact that pockets are there for both functional and aesthetic purposes. For one, pockets serve as additional details that can spruce up your overall look and appearance. Two, they serve as pouches for… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Suit Fabrics – Our Guide

Custom-tailored suits have been a great way to express one’s personal style and sophistication. Whether for a formal event or as a corporate attire, made-to-measure suits are a classy fit that makes finding sizes less of a hassle but does not necessarily measure in lengths the way you want it too. For that reason, more… Read more »

The Basic Guide to Suit Style Origin: The British, the American, and the Italian

Picking out a suit style is quite an adventure, as there is no one style to fit all people. Whether bespoke or off-the-rack, all suits tell a story, and what you wear tells quite a tale about yourself. Choosing a suit is not simply about wearing something that fits—the style itself must coincide with your… Read more »

Our Guide to Tuxedos: 4 Tips to Add a Twist to Your Tuxedos

There are no rules when it comes to modern menswear. The only rule you must follow is to show off uniquely! You know you’ve done it right when you’re stealing attention left and right. Even the world of suits has gone through this trend where people mix and match materials, colors, textures, and styles to… Read more »

Fashion Tips: Proven Ways Men Can Exude Power – What to Know

No eye can resist the temptation of looking at a man who dresses to impress and has overflowing confidence. Fashion has changed the game of power and influence since time immemorial. Look at respectable world leaders and celebrities as examples. These people never fail to show up looking prim and proper. While personality has a… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Next Suit Made by a Tailor – What to Know

If you’ve ever seen anyone look so stunning in their suits, it is most likely because what they’re wearing is tailored to their body. Back then, before all this mass-producing activity started, men and women had to have their outfits tailored. It is common to find that different individuals would work with only one tailor… Read more »

The Difference between Slim Fit & Tailored Fit Shirts – What to Know

Over the years, all types of fittings have popped up as an attempt by tailors to fit the different sense of fashion of the customers. Unfortunately, with so many fittings to choose from, one might barely know any difference between them. For example, do you know the difference between a slim fit shirt and a… Read more »

4 Benefits of Wearing Custom Dress Shirts – What to Know

There’s something great about wearing custom dress shirts these days. In the past, custom dress shirts were only for the privileged and affluent ones. Today, they aren’t only confined to celebrities, business tycoons, and elites, but for everyone who can afford to invest in their fashion and styling.   For the uninitiated, custom dress shirts… Read more »

3 Ideas on How You Can Wear Your Tweed Blazer – Our Guide

Blazers are quite the sight to look at because they make a stunning statement, offering a classic yet contemporary look. If you feel unqualified in any way to wear a fully-fledged suit, a blazer is the next best upgrade to your wardrobe. In choosing a blazer to wear, you might be wondering whether or not… Read more »

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