A Quick and Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Suit Color

A Quick and Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Suit Color

Depending on the occasion, you’ll want to dress up properly to show professionalism. Be it a job interview, a wedding, or any formal event, choosing the right suit is essential.


The color of the suit is a contributing factor to how appropriate you want to look. It can be confusing for some people to pick the right color of their suit, especially if they don’t wear one too often. In that case, here is a quick and easy guide to choosing the right suit color.


Common Suit Colors


A grey-colored suit can be worn for most events. Charcoal grey is a classic color for suits. If you want to play it safe, this color is a practical choice.


Another color commonly picked by most men is blue. If you’re going for a simple and professional look, a navy blue suit is a great option. However, if you’re looking to keep it fresh and fashionable, a cornflower shade, or even a classy midnight blue, will let you stand out just right.


Suit colors for sunny days


For days when the sun is shining bright, you’ll want to blend in with the light and keep it balanced. A good go-to color for days like this is light yellow or white-striped suits. To put a little touch of emphasis on these colors, go for a suit made of linen or cotton, which makes the pale color stand out just enough.


Suit colors for winter days


It’s best to go for dark and cool-colored suits when it’s calm and chilly outside. Go for heavier shades of blue, grey, or even black for days like this. If, however, you feel like showing a bit of personality, opt for suits with a pinstripe or checkered patterns. For added detail, a suit made of wool will bring out the best of these designs.


Suits for job interviews


If you’re attending a job interview, you’ll want to look professional. Going for a black or grey suit will make you look clean and reliable without standing out so much. You’d want to keep the interviewer’s attention fixated on you and not distract them with the suit you’re wearing.


Suits for weddings


Most wedding events will have motifs, so you typically wouldn’t need to contemplate the color you’ll go for. However, in case there is no mention of a theme, go for a charcoal grey suit or black. On some occasions, a white color could be a good choice, but this will depend on the season and the brightness of the sun outside.


For other formal events


When going to formal events, you’ll have to determine if it’s work-related or not. For work-related events, keep it professional and stick with the traditional black, blue, and charcoal grey colors. For any other formal event, you’re free to choose which color you want, especially if it will be held indoors. Despite that, you need to keep the palette of your suit consistent with the rest of your ensemble. The last thing you want is to look like an abstract painting of various contrasting colors.




Keep in mind that the color you’re going for is blending with the occasion. Going for a suit that stands out way too much can be distracting for many people, taking that subtle and clean look away from you. Follow this guide when you feel conflicted about the type of suit color you’ll need to wear.


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