5 Reasons Why Grooms Must Invest in a Custom Wedding Suit

5 Reasons Why Grooms Must Invest in a Custom Wedding Suit

It’s easier to purchase off-the-rack suits from the nearest wardrobe outlet or rent a tuxedo from a designer. However, it’s rare to find an outfit that fits the groom perfectly because they follow generic sizes. That way, the cloth corresponding to one part of the body may not fit well, and alterations may only ruin the suit.


Therefore, it’s better to commission a trusted tailor to develop a bespoke suit. They will take multiple measurements to create a suit that fits and use the most delicate fabrics to craft durable suit jackets and trousers. Custom tailors won’t let the groom look like a mess during their big day. Likewise, here are five reasons that make investing in a personalized suit worthwhile.


1. It’s the only way to get a perfect fit


The groom’s fit on his wedding dress is the most vital factor that determines the quality of his look. However, tailors can achieve the perfect fit by considering the groom’s body type and measurements. They also factor in his shoulder slope, height, and posture in choosing the appropriate fabric.


The “tailored” suits that sales personnel promote are slim fit suits that don’t follow a specific contour or body shape. Custom tailors will create a unique pattern for the groom, which they will follow to stitch and assemble a unique piece. However, tailors can adjust it after the second or third fitting to refine the fit, especially if the groom lost or gained girth.


2. Specialized styling options


Getting a custom wedding suit provides access to professional style advice. These expert tips will prevent the groomsmen fit a square peg into a round hole to get a precise look on their special day. Looking great on his wedding photos is a must because no groom wants to look lousy during their special day.


Aside from getting the groom’s body measurements, the tailor will base the suit’s style on the wedding theme and the venue’s weather. Tailors aspire to make the groom stand out, and they will combine his preference with their design expertise.


3. Limitless choices


Tailored suits offer more than off-the-rack suits because they are made from cotton or wool, which matches the fabric to the time of the ceremony. The groom will feel comfortable wearing the suit even under the summer sun. The suit can either be glossy or matte, depending on the option of reusing it.


Meanwhile, there are hundreds of options available in terms of internal linings and patterns. Whether the groom prefers a single color or multiple hues for their suit, the possibilities are endless.


4. Customized patterns


Grooms can channel their inner James Bond during their wedding. They can ask the custom suit tailor to consider the design they saw in a magazine or a movie because they will feel comfortable wearing that style. Personalized suits can match the groom’s preferred design or theme that off-the-rack models cannot provide.


5. Best value for money


Great tailors can customize men’s suits based on the customer’s budget. However, there will be a compromise with the suit’s fabric on a limited budget. Grooms can select from a wide array of fabrics, while groomsmen can wear something of budget-friendly material unless the groom can find a sponsor to defray the expense.


While renting a suit costs less than a bespoke one, it often does not fit well. Consider the custom suit as a long-term investment that you can use for other formal occasions. Likewise, the groom will not be wearing a suit that went through the wash cycle multiple times.


Aside from the reasons above, the custom suit serves as a commemorative attire for a special moment in the groom’s life. Therefore, the groom must approach his trusted bespoke tailor and spare no expense in crafting a suit that is perfect for a once-in-a-lifetime moment.


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