4 Tips to Stay Comfortable Wearing a Suit in the Summer – Our Guide

Tips to Stay Comfortable Wearing a Suit in the Summer

In the summer, you want to avoid wearing clothes that are too heavy so that you won’t be sweating like crazy. However, there are instances when you should wear suits in the summer, like parties, weddings, professional events, and so on. During these times, it can be hard to stay comfortable in a suit. However, it’s not impossible.


Here are four tips to tell your bespoke tailors in Bangkok in creating custom suits that help you stay comfortable in the summer weather:


1. Wear a Half-Lined Jacket 


Your jacket lining, the fabric sandwiched between your body and the jacket’s outer fabric, plays a crucial role in its breathability. Aside from giving the body its structure and shape, it also regulates airflow. That’s why it is best to pick half-lined jackets for maximum comfort and breathability. Otherwise, picking unlined jackets doesn’t offer much stability. Similarly, fully-lined jackets don’t give optimal breathability,


2. Choose the Right Fabric


One of the most crucial elements that influence your suit’s breathability is its fabric type. That includes linen, cotton, or certain wool types, which have excellent air ventilation properties. 


Linen is usually the go-to fabric in the summer season because of its thinness, which makes it naturally breathable and light to wear. However, it easily wrinkles, which is a huge deterrent if you need to stay in a suit for a long time.


Suits made of cotton are thicker options but still provide comfort and breathability with lesser wrinkling. It is best to pick tropical wool instead of the usual wool because it is the best wool type for suits in the summer season.


3. Select an Appropriate Color


Colors influence heat absorption heavily, which is why it is crucial to pick specific colors over others. Darker color absorbs more heat and can make you more uncomfortable the longer you stay under the sun. With that said, pick tan, beige, light gray, light blue, or off-white instead of the traditional black and dark grey options.


For formal events, choose dark colors you like, but stay clear from the most shaded options. For casual occasions, it is best to go for lighter color options for a more comfortable experience. Consult with the best tailors in Thailand to help you decide if you’re confused about which color to wear.





4. Wear Comfortable Clothing Underneath


The common misconception about wearing a suit in the summer is that it is impossible not to sweat in the hot weather, especially if you’re wearing a ton of things underneath that suit. However, if you pair your outfit with comfortable and light clothing, it will lessen your chances of sweating like a hog.


Undershirts made with equally soft fabric help manage your comfort to optimal levels. Additionally, if sweating is unavoidable, the right shirt can absorb any moisture and let it evaporate into the atmosphere quickly. Because of that, you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the event.




Enjoying a suit event in the summer is possible if you equip yourself with the right pieces of clothing. As such, you must follow the mentioned tips above to increase your chances of having a comfortable and breathable experience.


Aside from comfortability issues, remember that it is okay to break the norms. You can unbutton a button or two if things get a little too hot for you to handle. In doing so, you now allow more air to go in between your body and clothing so that your sweat quickly evaporates.


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