4 Reasons Why You Should Own and Always Wear a Well-Tailored Suit


Suits are amazing clothing pieces. They don’t just make you look professional but they also bring out the best of your looks. From sleek and stylish to modern and timeless, suits are key pieces when it comes to fashion. That said, you might be wondering why you would ever want to wear a suit. Aren't they expensive and hard to maintain? Well, even if they are, they’re still worth having in your closet for a special occasion.


Here are five reasons you would want to own and wear a well-tailored suit:


1. It isn’t expensive


Seriously, it is not as expensive as you might think. While you might have thought that looking at good costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, the opposite is true. A great suit can cost you anywhere between $200-$300, and even at that price it will still make you look great.


You might be saying that $200 is a bit steep for an outfit. Well, let us remind you that your suit should last you the rest of your life. So, purchasing a $200 suit to make you look your best for pretty much the duration of your lifetime isn’t too much money to ask for.


2. Earns you respect


When you wear a suit, you’ll earn the respect of the people around you, because they’ll look at you and see a man who puts his best foot forward.


This can apply to many situations, especially in the business environment. If you were to show up to a meeting in a suit, people will take you a lot more seriously and with much more respect than if you showed up in a buttoned shirt and some long jeans. Plus, it also shows your potential employers that you take the job seriously.


3. Gets you treated better


Imagine that you’re traveling to a luxurious hotel and you show up at the reception in shorts and a t-shirt. Would you be treated well? Well of course you would. However, the service you receive might not be as great compared to if you were to show up in a suit.


While this is an unfortunate reality, it’s one that you can use to your advantage. Usually, when you are traveling, people receive you much better when you are wearing a suit. They automatically assume that you belong to society and that you have an essential role to play. As a result, you end up being treated better just for the outfit you wear.


4. Boosts your self-esteem


If you have always needed that little kick of confidence on your daily commute, consider wearing a suit! Not only will wearing one make you look good but it’ll make you feel great too.


Wearing a suit will help you feel more important, boosting your self-confidence and esteem. Not only that, but when it comes to socializing with other people, you will do so with much more poise and confidence and with an aura that people will find irresistible.




In summary, owning a well-tailored suit will improve your lifestyle tenfold. Plus, having one in your closet means that you’ll be ready for most special occasions, whether it be an extremely important business meeting or a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a great suit today from one of the best tailors in Bangkok!


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