4 Essential Considerations When Looking for the Perfect Tailor

4 Essential Considerations When Looking for the Perfect Tailor


Tailored suits are highly popular because they can enhance personality and boost one’s elegance. The best tailors will craft a suit that hugs your body well and make you look stylish. Well-stitched suit jackets and trousers will not sag or manifest bulges in various places as well. The tailor can also base your measurements on an off-the-rack suit that you bought.


It’s easy for tailors to claim that they are the best in their craft. However, if you want to find the perfect men’s suit tailor in Bangkok, here are four factors that you must keep in mind.


1. Request for referrals


Asking for recommendations is a reliable way to find credible tailors. Word of mouth marketing still prevails during the Internet age but mostly through online reviews. However, you must read these reviews to discern whether or not they have merit because some comments may not contain justifiable details.


You can also ask friends, relatives who always look sharp for recommended tailors. Check the website or the physical store of these tailors to see samples of their work. Look for tailors within your area, and you may find more than one provider. After this, check the reviews about these stores before deciding on one.


2. Check their previous work


It’s easy for tailors to claim that they produce the best suits. You can prove their claim by checking their catalog or seeing real samples of their products. Checking their products gives you an idea about the quality of their craft and the elegance of their designs.


Ask their tailor if they handle customization aside from creating a suit from scratch. The tailor must be adept in adjusting off-the-rack outfits according to your measurements. Apart from verifying whether or not they can perform adjustments, also ask how long it will take them to complete the task.


3. Confirm the tailor’s schedule


Reputable tailors get several requests which make them pressed for time. Even if you find the best tailor, it will be for nothing if they cannot devote time to your suit. Therefore, it is vital to check their availability on specific dates and how soon can they deliver the suit if they will take the project. Better yet, request for a suit from the tailor months in advance to give him ample time to finish before the event where you will be wearing the suit.


4. Compare prices


While customized suits cost more than their off-the-rack counterparts, the product’s quality will justify the high fees. Ask the tailor’s prices for customized suits based on the cloth used and the precision of the cuts. Find out how much they charge for rush projects, as well. It is an essential requirement, but some customers tend to overlook these details when searching for the best tailor for your request.


A quality bespoke tailor in Bangkok


Jhasper Fashion certainly ticks all the considerations mentioned above. They are one of Bangkok’s leading bespoke tailors for over a decade, and they anchor customer satisfaction by taking 25 different measurements that matter in a bespoke suit.

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