3 Tailoring Tips to Help You Look Thinner – Our Guide


After all the festivals and year-end celebrations, you may have put on some weight over that short period. While you can spend the next few months losing some of the excess weight, you desperately will need a way to look thinner right away. Well, while we don't have the answer as to how you can lose a few pounds right away, we do have another tip for you, as for as tailoring is concerned.


That said, here are four tailoring tips to help you look thinner:


1. Avoid large prints and patterns

While you might love to walk around with your favorite patterned shirt, it might not be the best outfit to wear if you’re trying to look thin. That's because these patterns draw attention away from your face down to your mid-section, where the larger size is more apparent.


That said, it is best that you wear a monochrome outfit. If that's a little too boring for you and you still want to stick with patterns, look for ones that aren't too striking in resemblance. If there is one pattern that we can recommend, it will be the vertical stripes because they help you look thinner! On top of that, they will help your legs look much longer and leaner.


2. Move attention elsewhere

If you've paid attention to any magic show, the secret is to draw the attention of the viewers to precise areas as the magician executes the tricks to create a stunning illusion.


You can be that magician and draw attention elsewhere to create the illusion that you're much thinner. V-neck sweaters do this task quite effectively, leaving people thinking how you did not gain a single pound despite all the parties that you showed up to. The neckline helps draw attention from your stomach up to your head, making your torso look much thinner.


Do note that you'll have to be a little careful about choosing the sweater –– opt for ones that have solid colors and pay attention to the weight and size of the shirt as well. It should fit you perfectly, resting just at the end of your hips or waist. If you end up with a sweater or t-shirt that's a little too thick, the illusion will be ruined.


3. Wear fit clothing

Large people tend to wear over-sized clothing to hide their size. If you do that, you'll only succeed in hiding your real figure by making yourself look much bigger. Of course, while that might suggest that you should opt for the tightest clothing, you should avoid that as well because it'll just accent the shapes of your body that you wouldn't want to show off to people.


The real trick behind this is to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. It should feel snug on your shoulder but subtly move into your midsection to help your torso not only look thinner but longer at the same time. Trousers should be worn high, making it look like it is part of your torso. Doing likewise enhances the illusion of a thin figure and makes your legs look much longer and thinner. Having the trousers tapered at the bottom can also help your legs look even thinner.


Looking thinner doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think. Even if you may be lazy to work out and want to sit back and relax after the long holidays, you can rock that thin look by following the tips above. Of course, if you really don’t want to follow the tips given, you can still wear black. It is the oldest trick in the book to make you look much thinner.


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