3 Main Forms of Jacket Pockets – What to Choose

3 Main Forms of Jacket Pockets – What to Choose

When wearing a jacket, suit, or sport coat, what often gets neglected are the pockets. What many fail to realize is the fact that pockets are there for both functional and aesthetic purposes. For one, pockets serve as additional details that can spruce up your overall look and appearance. Two, they serve as pouches for handy stuff you want to bring with you - be they wallets, keys, mobile phones, or other small items.


In this blog, we’ll explore the three main pocket forms for tailored jackets. Keep on reading to see what best suits you.


1. Patch pockets


The patch pocket is the simplest in form. That is because it has the most basic design and construction. It is made up of the same fabric as the jacket itself and is simply stitched onto the surface. It usually has a spacious and wide opening at the top.


As it is the least hidden of all pocket forms, the patch pocket is often seen as casual. This pocket form is typically appropriate for sports coats. If it appears on suits, they are usually made for casual wear, instead of formal business attires. Also, you can split the suit and wear the top as an odd jacket.


2. Jetted pockets


A jetted pocket typically has a tucked-in flap for a cleaner and more straightforward look. The gentlemen would prefer the flaps in their pockets. The flaps are also meant to be there; they’re taken out only when you need to get the debris out. Also called as a besom pocket or welted pocket, it has reinforced edges (welts) of the slit for both aesthetic and practical support.


Given the polished and streamlined look, the jetted pocket is perfect for evening wear and formal morning dress. It can also be ideal for suits and sport coats if you intend a bit of a formal get-up. Hence, its appropriateness for formal clothing lies in its clean look and appearance.


3. Flap pockets


The flap pocket can be best described with the pouch beneath the surface of the jacket covered with a flap. The pouch with the flap has the same material as the jacket itself. History would tell that this was initially meant to keep debris from getting into the jacket pocket. However, it has been worn for style and fashion through time.


In terms of formality, the flap pocket is in the middle ground. That means that it’s perfect for business suits; however, it can also be used for sport coats. No matter the choice, you can have this pocket style for your suit, coat, or jacket to pull off both a formal and casual look.




Pockets may seem to be just pouches sewn into clothing and attached to your jacket. However, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Whether patch pockets, jetted pockets, or flap pockets, you have a way to augment the style of your bespoke jacket and take your outfit to the next level. They are also there to increase formality and practical use.


It’s about time to pay special attention to the pockets of your jacket by factoring their variations, appearances, and practical features in clothing.


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