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3 Ideas on How You Can Wear Your Tweed Blazer

Blazers are quite the sight to look at because they make a stunning statement, offering a classic yet contemporary look. If you feel unqualified in any way to wear a fully-fledged suit, a blazer is the next best upgrade to your wardrobe.


In choosing a blazer to wear, you might be wondering whether or not you should opt for tweed blazers. Well, the answer is straightforward, yes! As a result, you'll need to understand what goes well with a tweed blazer—what shirt to wear and pants put on. Fortunately, the blazer allows you plenty of different combinations that work flawlessly.


Before knowing how you can do that, let's talk about what a tweed blazer is.


Tweed Blazers

Tweed is made of sheep's wool. While it started off being made of wool from Blackface and Cheviot sheep, today, it is made from many other kinds of sheep. The wool is then woven to produce a weave, creating tweed, which is then dyed to add color.


With that, let's talk about three ideas on how you can wear your tweed blazer:


1. The Cold Weather Classic

Blazers are, utility-wise, used during cold weather to keep its wearer warm, which is the first way you could use a tweed blazer. Of course, you'll also want to look good doing so!


Style-wise, we highly recommend the classic look of denim jeans paired with a white dress shirt to be worn under the tweed blazer. Add a pair of Chelsea boots, and a belt that reflects the color of the blazer. Finish it off with a dress watch and add a slim tie whenever necessary.


2. The Laid-Back Attention Grabber

Tweed blazers have this certain magic where even if it is laid-back in color and style, it'll still turn heads and grab the attention of those around. If you want to achieve this attention-grabbing look, grab a tweed blazer in the color of either olive or navy. Put on a pair of brown brogues, and chambray, preferably blue. Add another layer above your chambray with a waistcoat made of lambswool. Finally, put on your black trousers and the tweed blazer, and watch eyes fall on you.


3. The Ready-For-Anything Outfit

On some seasons, such as Autumn, one can only watch as the weather goes wild, changing from cold to hot within a matter of hours. Of course, going all-out anti-cold with your tweed blazer is going to leave you begging from relief when it starts to get warm, as well as shivering for warmth if you wore for the heat.


That said, we recommend that you go for layers! At the top, a khaki wool check should reside, along with a red and blue overcheck. Pair it with brown suede boots and a camel twill trouser, along with a buttoned color shirt and a zip neck, and you're ready for the cold. When it starts to get warm, you can just as quickly take off each layer one by one.


Final words


Although looking good in a tweed blazer is easy to do, it is something that should never be taken lightly. When you walk out into the open with a pair, you're telling the world all about yourself because your blazer reflects your personality, and everything else that you pair it with adds more character to it.


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